We Sample a Sazerac

The long awaited sazerac episode is here! The crew reports back on one of the oldest cocktails in recorded history.


The Jaguar Shark

In an Alcohaul of Records first, we asked for listener suggestions for our February episode. There were plenty of great ideas but we decided to go with the Jaguar Shark.

Jameson Short and Stout

This month we try the Short and Stout, a creation from the Jameson distillery. If you’re a fan of whiskey, sugar, and stouts then this sample is for

Mount Ogden Sunrise

The guys try Papa Bear’s personalized mixture of vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice, and Sprite. The concoction carries the moniker of the Mount Ogden Sunrise.

Dark and Stormy – Episode 12

It is the final episode of season one and we’re mixing up some Dark and Stormies! So we’re talking spiced rum, ginger beer, and a wedge of lime for this classic. We tried three different kinds of rum but in the end we all thought the Outlaw Distillery Spiced Rum gave it the kick it…

Sambuca and a Beer – Episode 11

It is football season and you know what that means… tailgates, cold brews, and warm shots! The boys opted for the Sambuca shot chased with a beer for episode eleven. You’ll have to excuse us for not posted a recipe 🙂 Enjoy!! Beau’s Beer – Ballast Point “Calm Before the Storm” Tanner’s Beer – Madison…

Antelope Island Iced Tea – Episode 10

In an Alcohaul of Records first, the gang put their own twist on a classic cocktail. Starting with a Long Island Iced Tea, the guys scoured the countryside looking for Utah owned distilleries that made the ingredients for a “Beehive State” specific version. What they created will now be known as the Antelope Island Iced…

Blackberry Smash – Episode 9

It is berry season here in Utah and what better way to celebrate than to make cocktail featuring one of the juiciest berry around. This month we mixed up a Blackberry Smash. A refreshing cocktail that features vodka, mint, lemonade, and of course blackberries. We’d like to give a special shout out to Salt City…

Tom Collins – Episode 8

Just before the holiday weekend the boys got together to discuss the Tom Collins and what you should be listening to while enjoying this refreshing beverage. If you’re an avid listener you know that Papa Bear isn’t a gin fan. Give the episode a listen to hear how he reacts to the Beefeater. 🙂 Hope…

Mexican Mule – Episode 7

After missing last month, the gang is back to give you Episode 7 The Mexican Mule. This cocktail was scheduled for May in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, but due to some family business we weren’t able to get together. For the most part the drink wasn’t a hit, but we did get some great…